When scheduling for polyurethane foam spray, we are typically about 2 weeks out. We understand that construction schedules can sometimes change and we do our best to be as accommodating as possible when delays occur.

Our Polyurethane Spray Foam unit is mounted in a 20 foot enclosed trailer and we will need close access to entry points for your project. Our installers will be fully masked and suited up in protective gear because the material we apply has high expansion rates.

No other trades or personnel can be in designated restricted areas when spraying or up to 24 hours afterwards. This timeline may vary with ventilation conditions.

Set-up time can be lengthy at times; we protect non-foam areas by masking off areas as needed. We don’t skimp or cut corners on creating a clean, safe work environment before and after our job is complete.

Spray foam thicknesses are nominal in nature meaning that there may be some variation in thickness (1/4″ tolerance) due to the nature of installation.

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