Open cell spray foam is a very inexpensive investment to help insulate your home.  It is a spray that is vapor permeable and uses fewer resources as well.  Open cell spray foam is a great way to insulate hard to reach places.  Our affordable open cell insulation expands to insulate and offer sound absorption for your Oregon home.

Open cell insulation offers the option to strengthen the sound–proofing of your rooms.  Its sponge-like physical appearance allows them to mesh together in the wall preventing allergens from coming into your Oregon home as well. Discover more underneath with our polyurethane foam spray services.

  • 1/2″ density
    – Semi Rigid Foam
    – Low Density
    – High Expansion
  • Water Blowing Agent
  • R-Value = 3.5 per inch
  • No structural value
  • Air barrier at 3.5″
  • Offers sound absorption and barrier performance

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