• High R-Value = R-16 (2×4 Cavity) and R-24 (2×6 Cavity).
  • Provides seamless and maintenance free Air Barrier.
  • Great sound barrier performance by absorbing sound vibration and quieting your home.
  • Class A (class 1) fire rated per ASTM E-84.
  • Provides healthy living (poses no health threat and improves indoor air quality.)
  • Helps prevent mold, fungi and moisture by eliminating condensation, ultimately reducing allergens.
  • Substantially reduces heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Reduces drafts as well as hot and cold spots.
  • Greatly reduces environmental impact.
  • Does not shrink, settle or sag over time. Ultra Low Order.
  • Unlike blown in fiberglass and cellulose, injected foam fills all of the voids to create a tighter air-seal.
  • Increase home value.


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