home insulation eugeneWhen it comes to providing a draft free environment for your family and loved ones, spray foam home insulation in your Eugene Oregon and Springfield Oregon home is the correct choice. Whether it is for a new home currently under construction or your existing home, our spray injected foam helps prevent fungi, moisture, drafts and mold which not only allows for nice climate control but also will ultimately reduce allergens in your home. Additionally, our InsulSmart ® Interior Foam Insulation product is the perfect product for small and large insulation products.

Our home insulation Eugene Company prides ourselves on providing the best in spray foam insulation, as we also like to leave little or no footprint on the environment. Spray foam insulation will not settle or sag over time, and can offer an energy savings of up to 50% to our residential and commercial customers. It is also highly fire rated as a (Class 1) Class A product.

What is Injection Foam insulation?

Injection foam insulation is a spray dry polymeric resin which produces a “dry” foam which forms the same consistency as shaving creme. The creme will expand “before” entering the wall and will harden as it dries in place. Our home insulation Eugene injected spray foam has no bridging problem, unlike the traditional dry insulation products like fiberglass and cellulose. Spray foam fills all the twists and turns of the homes architectural structure, therefore filling all cavities of the existing structure. This ultimately prevents gaps and air links and creates a sound barrier and prevents air from leaking.

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